This is mainly for me, but maybe you will find some useful information.


Installing qmail is not so hard if you are patient. Here's my "remember_howto.txt"
Installing Qmail on Debian

Debian server

Don't waste your time here. It's a simple view of my needs.
Debian services installed

Ubuntu 8.10 on MacBook Pro

Command line utility to switch quickly the nvidia configuration
Nvidia Display Profile Switcher

Replacing ath9k with madwifi
Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) replacing ath9k by madwifi


If you need to pipe the output of a program to another, be sure to use:

printf("%f;\n", coords->x);
fflush(stdout); //important!

PHP / Kohana

Framework for PHP
Using Kohana
Kohana with Paypal Pro
Using Paypal IPN with Kohana

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